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From coordinating transport to tracking and storing – Apogee Alliance has you covered.


Warehousing & Storage

Apogee offers a state-of-the-art turnkey solution for material acquisition, warehousing, inventory, and transportation services. Our innovative warehouse offers advanced security, efficiency, and accessibility. Key features include:

  • Designed to incorporate security, safety, and operational considerations to maximize the safeguarding of specialized and sensitive government equipment.
  • Built to optimize efficiency of equipment handling and movement from receipt to shipping, to project reporting and contract administration.
  • Constructed to resist unlawful entry and protect from outside intrusion with critical facility protection systems in place, including visitor access control, intrusion detection, outdoor cameras, perimeter lighting, automatic-closing fire doors , an automatic fire suppression sprinkler system, and an electronic infrared smoke detection system.
  • Storage areas are kept clean, organized, secure, and climate controlled. Data loggers are installed to effectively monitor environmental conditions and steps are taken to protect property from damage due to water, insect/rodent infestation, dust, temperature extremes, static electricity, and humidity.
  • Convenient location offering quick and efficient access to the Tri-Cities Regional Airport (PSC), FedEx and DHL (shipping), Port of Pasco (barging), and intermodal rail facilities with local rail service.


Apogee provides truckload common carrier services throughout the contiguous United States and Canada in compliance with State and Federal Regulations. Our team offers robust qualifications and extensive expertise including:

  • Current on all licenses, certificates, and hazardous materials/waste permits required to transport various commodities and components, including radioactive and hazardous materials and specialized freight.
  • Diverse and in-depth knowledge of both commercial and government practices based on transporting general freight, construction products including pre-cast components, and hazardous and radioactive materials including transuranic, low-level, mixed low-level radioactive material, bulk radioactive liquid, uranyl nitrate, dangerous goods, and mixed waste materials.
  • Our fleet consists of commercial tractor trailers, temperature-controlled vans, and specialized equipment and materials (i.e., chassis, flatbeds, slide-axle trailers, conestoga trailers, radioactive tanker trailers, tie-downs, etc.).
  • To mitigate any damage to the payload, all tractors and trailers are equipped with air ride systems and all DOT- and NRC-certified Type A and Type B packaging are equipped with accelerometers to detect and monitor vibration and shock.
  • All equipment is maintained in compliance with US DOT, Transport Canada, and multiple State DOT, port of entries and shipping ports’ licensing requirements.
  • A full-service fleet maintenance facility promoting a robust recycling program which includes antifreeze, engine oil, and tires. All equipment is Port and Clean Idle certified and registered in the Drayage Truck Program by the California Air Resource Board.

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